The Biggest Hollywood Celebrities & Their Incredible Net Worth – Can You Guess Who Has The Biggest Bank Account?

Dr. Jennifer Berman – Est. $14 Million

Dr. Jennifer Berman is a urologist who specializes in female health medicine. She has been a co-host of several shows on TV, including The Doctors, an Emmy Award-winning television program. Berman and Berman was another nationwide television show on Discovery Health in the United States. Some of her other shows include Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, CNN, CNBC, and HLN.

Dr. Berman is one of the most credible and relatable authorities in the field of female reproductive and menopausal health, but she puts forward a message impacting women across all generations and bringing about a great change in the world of women’s health today.

Dr. Berman by being a pioneer of sorts is also amping up her net worth and presently stands at $14 million, it’s great she has her husband, Greg Moore, and her two children to enjoy the luxuries that a big fat bank account brings! .

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