Check Out Your Favorite Celebrities Awesome Cars!

Nicolas Cage – Est. $450,000, Rolls Royce Phantom

It won’t be shocking to know that world-famous American actor and filmmaker Nicolas Kim Coppola or famously known as Nicolas Cage, once owned 50 cars. He is an avid car collector, and with his great career, he surely deserves it (and can afford it to!) One of his most prized possessions is his Rolls-Royce Phantom which roughly costs $450,000.

If you want to have a glimpse of what the model is like, then just imagine it to have like the luxury of any Rolls-Royce but with a lot more power and magnificent features beneath.

Second to this is his Ferrari Enzo, which he was very lucky to have because of only 400 of these cars were actually bought. Third on Cage’s list is the 2001 Lamborghini Diablo, which looks a bit 90’s because it ran from 1990 to 2001.

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