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Meghan Markle – Est. £350,000, Jaguar E-type Zero

It seems just a while ago when the newest members of the royal family, Prince Harry and her wife Meghan Markle, celebrated their wedding ceremony and drove off with their Jaguar E Type Concept Zero to join their post-wedding celebration.

Featured in the world’s different headlines, this vehicle garnered attention due to its elegance plus, of course, being used by the royal couple Prince Harry and Megan. Meghan Markle has not been since driving a car alone since she became part of the royal family, but that might change soon as the couple recently announced their decision to let go of their royal status.

This car’s version is remodeled meticulously by the Jaguar team, and it featured enhancements and specifications which combine elegance and comfort. This car also represents the luxury and fine lifestyle of the royal couple, which is expected for most members of the royal family. This perfectly matches Megan’s classy and sophisticated style.

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