Check Out Your Favorite Celebrities Awesome Cars!

Jason Momoa – Price unknown, Pink Cadillac

This real-life hunk and people’s favorite Hollywood celebrity Jason Momoa is mostly admired by many because of his fine looks and hot body. With his last role as Aquaman which was a hit worldwide, it surely gave him the opportunity (and lots of money) for the actor to acquire everything he has now.

Having a luxurious lifestyle is achievable especially if you are a celebrity, and with Jason Momoa, this holds true with his collection of vehicles that the actor truly deserves for all his hard work.

Most men will choose dark-themed cars but not all have this taste, and this includes Momoa himself. The famous hunk is not ashamed to proudly show his pink Cadillac which is mostly the one he drives wherever he goes. He is not one to shy away from the color Pink, evident with the fact that he even donned a pink suit once. The car’s classic and elegant features, plus the unique color make it one astounding vehicle.

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