Where Your Favorite Celebrities Are Living? Check Out These Gorgeous Celebrities Mansions

Joanne Woodward – Est. $7.499 Million, Connecticut

Joanne Woodward’s marriage with Paul Newman stood the test of time, and the couple remained faithful to each other till death did them apart.

After Newman’s death in 2008, the veteran actress has moved on in life, while basking in the warmth of sweet memories that she shared with her departed partner. Their Connecticut property holds a lot of those sweet memories. Joanne has lived in this property for more than two decades, and we guess she won’t relocate to any new feature for the rest of her life.

The property, which sits on a 10-acre land, has modern heating and cooling systems, a heated swimming pool, six bedrooms, two pergolas, and lots of advanced features. The current market value of the property is $7.499 million.

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