Where Your Favorite Celebrities Are Living? Check Out These Gorgeous Celebrities Mansions

Meg Ryan – Est. £8.8 Million, Soho

Meg Ryan doesn’t need to prove her mettle as an actress anymore. With the kind of performances she has delivered in all her films, we can hail her as one of the most enigmatic actresses we have had in Hollywood till now.

Her portrayal in the blockbuster, When Harry Met Sally gave her the maximum recognition, and we did love her in the film.

Her loft in Soho has the perfect ambiance that one needs to live a life in tranquility. The character of the house is mind-blowing, and the styling is marvelous. Ryan has renovated the property nine times, and we guess she can consider interior design as an alternate career option. The house covers an area of 14,000 square feet and has ample attributes. It’s indeed has been a superb investment on Ryan’s part.

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