Here’s How You Can Steal Victoria Beckham’s Effortless Style!

Victoria Beckham, named Posh Spice, has been able to build a strong reputation for her effortless style. She made an impression with her fashion sense, right from the days she became a part of the pop group Spice Girls. From there to her journey as a fashion mogul is nothing short of an inspiration. Her personal style is also praiseworthy as it is timeless and effortless. Also, whether you’re heading to the office or a fashion show, her fashion pieces will sail you through those events without making a single fashion pass. Here are some Victoria Beckham looks that are worth imitating.

Long Coats with Turtlenecks

When the freezing temperatures make you want to snuggle in something warm and cozy yet fashionable, you can give staid coats a miss and settle for a long coat with a turtleneck. Victoria Beckham often pairs the two to get a streamlined and long figure. Although it looks great in dark shades, you can add a pop of color to brighten the look. You can finish the look with long trousers and a slight flare, and you’ll rock your office or fashion look in a jiffy.

Patterned Pencil Skirts

Printed pencil skirts can help you sign up for fashionable success. You can choose a bold design such as a leopard print or plaid, and throw in a plain shirt or roll neck. Victoria Beckham can wear vibrant patterns to one area only, so stick to a solid color combination to avoid busy patterns. Round off your outfit with stilettos and a signature pair of sunglasses, and you’re set to slay fashion goals.

Statement Suits

If power suits are your thing, then select a bold and powerful suit. Victoria Beckham can create an effortless style in statement suits. Skip the regular colors and settle for red, lavender, or bottle green. Tone down the bold colors with a white shirt. Wear oversized trousers to flatter the shape, or you can give an impression of a longer lower part of the body with cigarette trousers.

Cuffed Jeans

Why should your denim look be boring when you can elevate your look to the next level, simply by cuffing your jeans. If your denim is too long or you are trying to flaunt your ankle boots, this is one of the chic looks you can flaunt. White and blue denim is a classic look that you can wear and look chic every single time, You can even pair it with a black turtleneck which will be also turn out to be an effortless look. Take a break from the monochrome look and wear a gorgeous set of heels and dark sunglasses. It’s the easiest way to pull off a simple yet stylish look.

Oversized Rollnecks

This season is all about an oversized rollneck. Whether you are heading out to dinner, going out with friends, or to a movie, this can turn out to be one of the chicest looks. You can try the fall look with a pencil skirt or pair it with checked trousers and heels. If it’s freezing temperatures, then go for knee-high boots, and you’ll be ready to slay. Complete your look by tying your hair in a high ponytail and grabbing a clutch bag, and you’ll be able to pull off a time-tested look with flair.

Monochrome Outfits

Monochrome outfits are one of the most stylish ones to wear, whether they are black or white, you can look gorgeous, smart, and stylish all at once without trying too hard. Victoria Beckham never fails to wow us with her monochromatic looks, doling out style lessons that only she can. The interesting aspect of this look is that it is stylish without putting in too much effort. You can wear a suit in a pearl shade with killer shoes or a summer dress in easy-breezy fabrics. You can opt for layering jewelry which can add another dimension to your outfit.

Asymmetrical Dresses

An asymmetrical dress is a savior in one of those fashion emergencies where you need to look trendy yet chic. Add asymmetrical dresses to update your wardrobe. For a semi-formal event, you can bank on an elongated skirt to elevate your look. In other instances, like for a friend’s day out, you can try a wrap of classic heels and your hair in a wrap silhouette. It’s a fun and quirky way to put your stylish step forward.

There you go, There are umpteen style lessons to take, from the poshest fashion designers to pop stars of all time. Are you taking notes?

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