Bob Saget- $50 Million

Bob Saget is a popular American household name and surely everyone is familiar With his iconic portrayal of Danny Tanner in ABC’s sitcom Full House. Saget’s humorous delivery and comic punch line made him an instant favorite and people around the world used to wait for his episodes to Air! The actor also hosted AFV funny videos and recently appeared on ‘Fuller House’ reprising his old role. His talent were able to make him a Millionaire and he surely enjoyed living leisurely. However, the actor suddenly left for the eternal abode leaving behind a world full of heartbroken fans. Only time will tell who gets to inherit his multi-million worth assets.

John Madden- $200 Million

John Earl Madden was a professional footballer, sportscaster, and a coach for numerous teams of NFL. This includes Las Vegas Raiders and Oakland Raiders. It was unfortunate that John Madden’s career in football ended before it began properly. Despite being a talented player, both his knees were injured badly while playing in college. Though he didn’t require accident lawyers for his injuries, his career suffered a big loss and his future in the sport disappeared.

But for people like John Madden who know how to make the most of a bad situation, he didn’t treat this unfortunate turn of events as a bad thing. Decades later, he became one of the richest people above 80 in the NFL. He was the head coach of the Oakland Riders for over 10 years. The 85-year-old former footballer had a net worth of $200 million at the time of his death in December 2021.

Kathie Lee Gifford – Est. $60 Million

America’s sweetheart, Kathie Lee Gifford, has done more than start our mornings with a cheery smile. From Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee to Today, she has been a staple in morning news. Gifford’s career is beyond impressive, having been nominated for over 11 Emmy Awards. So it makes sense to us that the famed television host has a net worth of up to $60 million dollars! We wonder if one needs any more accolades to win the title of a star!

With all of her accolades and even a quick stunt in the clothing and fashion world. She was worked hard and deserves nothing but leisure now. And she is making sure she gets that in her life in retirement. Apart from her private estates in both Florida and Connecticut, she has quite the car collection. Wishing Gifford all of the best in her next chapter! And we hope, she focuses her time on building her health and well-being as we would love to see her lead a strong, healthy, and happy life for many more years ahead!

Clint Eastwood – $375m

Clinton Eastwood Jr. is an actor, producer, director, and composer who needs no introduction. Making his debut in 1954 he went on to be part of numerous movies and TV shows. Eastwood has been in showbiz since the 1960s, and the multi-talented star first charmed his way up in Hollywood with acting, and later with directing. Clint Eastwood is $375 million worth which underlines his importance in Hollywood. His financial advisers must be getting dizzy every time they look into his finances.

He walked down the aisle twice and has eight children together. Something that not many of Clint Eastwood’s fans might know is

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