Hollywood Couples That Prove Love Can Last – Even For The Rich & Famous

Simon Pegg and Maureen McCann – Together Since 2005

Simon Pegg has been able to impress his biggest fans with his amazing performances on screen. Pegg has demonstrated his acting chops many a time with versatile roles in the film industry. One of his most famous screen outings is acting in the Star Trek franchise.

With his impressive physical transformation in the film  Inheritance, impressed everyone but his wife, who didn’t want to see the ‘different’ side of him. He was all ‘skin and bones,’ and this brought tears to her eyes.

Simon Pegg and Maureen McCann have been together for 14 long years. Pegg often says that his wife has successfully grounded all these years and has ensured that success never gets into his head. We think they make for an adorable couple together, and we hope they continue to lead a happy and contented life together. 

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