Hollywood Couples That Prove Love Can Last – Even For The Rich & Famous

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld – Together Since 1999

Jerry Seinfeld, 65, is almost 18 years elder than his better half, Jessica and the two have been experiencing marital bliss for around 20 years. The stand-up comedian and his author’s wife accept that every relationship is a challenge and they, as a married couple, have tried their best to live up to it.

Jerry and Jessica highlighted the fact that when people stop working on their relationship and stop spending quality time together, problems arise, and that eventually ruins a relationship. Luckily, that has never been the case with them and now, they are happy in their own space. The Seinfelds had taken the first 10 years as a formal training period during which they figured out how they would shape up their conjugal life. Their immense success in their respective spheres helped them avoid a refinance.

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