Hollywood Couples That Prove Love Can Last – Even For The Rich & Famous

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell – Together Since 1983

Goldie and Kurt have been seeing each other for the last 35 years. Yeah, it’s true. The pair met while they were hooting the film called The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band. Though they have never exchanged vows, this relationship is for keeps, especially after bringing Wyatt, their son, into their lives. Goldie confessed that had she been married, she would have been divorced long back and justifies her decision not to take the plunge.

She stressed the fact that marriage totally depends on one’s psychology. And if one decides to get bound to an individual, marriage is the best option, otherwise not. As of now, the question of hiring a divorce lawyer doesn’t even arise and nor should the requirement of a bankruptcy attorney. We can confidently say this by taking into consideration as the duo has more than enough net worth in their banks.

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