Hollywood Couples That Prove Love Can Last – Even For The Rich & Famous

Michael Strahan and Kayla Quick – Together Since 2015

American TV host and journalist Michael Strahan was initially a professional football player. After spending 15 years with ‘New York Giants,’ he made a foray into the media world and gathered quite a fortune that way. A lot of speculation kept doing the rounds for long as regards who Strahan was dating.

NY resident Kayla and Strahan started going around in 2015, and the duo is still going great. The relationship was made public after the paparazzi showed too much interest in them. Kayla is no less than 20 years his junior, but that has never affected the love between them.

With a net worth of close to $45 million, Strahan can afford to shower his lady love with lavish gifts. The fact that they’ve stuck with each other for four long years is proof that age surpasses real love. Kayla, who worked as a waitress before dating Michael, has also accumulated her savings, and that’s appreciable.

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