Hollywood Couples That Prove Love Can Last – Even For The Rich & Famous

Phillip Schofield and Stephanie Lowe – Together Since 1993

In recent times, there were rumors whether Scofield and Lowe would head for a separation, following certain news. But the duo continues to be inseparable for close to three decades, bow! We are sure nothing in this world can tear them apart. And that’s the reason why the couple decided to stay with each other, battling all such odds.

Phillip, who gained attention throughout the world after he worked for BBC, is an English TV presenter who serves another channel called ITV. He works as the co-presenter of ‘This Morning’ and ‘Dancing on Ice’ and Holly Willoughby on ITV. His wife, Lowe, was a production assistant at BBC, where the duo met each other for the first time.

Both are now in their 50s and have proved to the world how one can make relationships last. They walked down the aisle in 1993, and have been living as the ideal couple of Hollywood since then.

Lila McCann and Mike Wolofsky – Together since 2004

Lila and Mike are a happy family since 2005. After dating each other from 2004, they tied the nuptial knot and have been living together for almost 17 years. This is truly exemplary, considering how most celebs often break their bond, for varied reasons.

Lila’s debut album ‘Lila’ became one of the chart-toppers in the 1990s, after which she followed up with a few more singles and albums. She’s all of 40 and retirement looks nowhere near. Besides, why would she? Especially, with her vocal range and prowess, she has the ability to keep her audience engaged.

Before she married, Lila was in a relationship. But once Mike came into her life, there was no looking back. Today, the couple has made enough money and will continue doing so. No matter what their credit score, the fact they have stuck to each other through life’s ups and downs is what matters.

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