Houses: Where Your Favorite Celebrities Are Living? Check Out These Gorgeous Celebrities Mansions

Tom Cruise – $3 Million, Clearwater, Florida

Tom Cruise has been an actor who has been able to wow his audience right from his debut film, Endless Love to his Mission Impossible films! The handsome star’s net worth is $600 million! So, it is evident his professional life has been a great success. However, has he found the perfect house for himself to turn into a home? The answer to that question will be his home in Clearwater, Florida.

The new Florida penthouse set him back by $3 million, but one look at the 10,000 sq. ft home would make one say it has been a worthwhile investment.

The penthouse has a well-equipped fitness center, an infinity pool, and a sun deck for the star to rest and maintain his physique. Maybe this is the secret to his youthful looks. He makes 59 look like 29! His house gives him everything, relaxation, and peace of mind. And we are sure that’s something he would love after a hard day’s work at the sets.

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