Iconic Celebrities From The Golden Age That Still Alive – For Them Age Really Is Just A Number

Max Baer Jr. – 1937

In case you are an ardent fan of vintage shows on TV, you simply can’t miss out on Max Baer Jr. After joining the cast of The Beverly Hillbillies, his portrayal of Jethro Bodine made us fall for him. He was a prominent cast member of the popular show until it went off-air in 1971. In order to avoid enacting similar characters on TV, Max changed his career path and tried his hands at directing and produced movies such as Macon County Line.

Though he couldn’t garner much success in his career and grab some good opportunities, the thoughts of a refinance never crossed his mind, and his earnings are more than enough to keep bankruptcy attorneys away. He’s 82 at present and we hope the star is not stressing much. After all, it’s vital he pays attention to his diet and overall health.

Mr. T – 1952

Mr. T wasn’t always blessed with a good fortune. He grew up in a very notorious neighborhood and later even did some work in the Army and as a Bodyguard. Mr. T was then given the role of Clubber Lang in Rocky III, and his financial troubles became history. He has been diagnosed with lymphoma, and we pray that he gets to recover from this obstacle in his life.

Yasmine Bleeth – 1968

She was the ‘it’ newcomer in Baywatch as Stephanie’s hot younger sister, Caroline Holden. From teenage boys to grown men, all had a crush on this voluptuous beauty. Even if she was cast for great movies as well, her career suffered due to her cocaine addiction. She enrolled in a rehab facility to get sober, and fortunately, she did overcome the hurdle that almost ruined her life.

John Madden – 1936

The last time he has coached the NFL was in 1978. Yes, we are talking about former NFL coach and broadcaster John Madden. The last time he was in the broadcast booth was the end of the 2008 season. Yet the name Madden is synonymous with pro football.

John Madden, the Hall of Fame coach for the Oakland Raiders, is now in his eighties. And he enjoys a happy retirement away from the media and limelight. However, his name continues to resonate with the game owing to the name he made for himself.

His personality and voice continue to echo in the hearts of football fans forever who watched him over the years. And now lives his legacy with the Madden video games. Madden is now living a peaceful and happy life in Pleasanton, California, with his wife of over 60 years, Virginia. Here’s wishing him many more years of success, health, and happiness.

Barbara Eden – 1931

Barbara Eden caught our fancy with Jeannie’s portrayal in the television show, I Dream of Jeannie. The role helped her garner acclamation from several quarters and took her to new heights in her career. She saw her parents getting divorced when she was a child, and that might have won her into some stress. But, Barbara put that all behind and started earning money as a singer. She later studied theater and ventured into the show business.

Barbara didn’t take much time to showcase her skills and establish herself as a film and television actress. Before stealing hearts with I Dream of Jeannie, she starred in The Brass Bottle and The Yellow Canary and appeared in How To Marry A Millionaire. With all the wealth she has gathered until now, Barbara leads a life of luxury and comfort.

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