Master Listicle: These Stars Are Living Their Best Lives Thanks to Their Talents!

Sylvester Stallone- Est. $400 Million

There’s no forgetting the legendary boxing champ, Rocky Balboa, just like there’s no losing memory of the iconic character John Rambo, both roles played by none other than Sylvester Stallone.

These two characters, brought to life by Stallone, have a special place in the hearts of many fans across the globe. American actor Stallone is a prominent figure in the world of show business.

Stallone’s fortune is staggering, and there’s no surprise that he has a whopping $400 million to spend on whatever he so wishes! That’s a hefty bank account, but he has deserved every penny of it! We love everything about him that makes him who he is – down to his subtly slurred speech and his snarled look with his iconic drooped lip! Stallone needn’t worry about running out of funds during his last years of enjoyment!

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