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Mel Gibson – Price unknown, 2008 Ranger Rover Sport HSE

Mel Gibson is a well-known Hollywood actor famous for the blockbuster movies that made him live a luxurious life until now. Along with his business investments, he was able to invest his money on vehicles that are worth the admiration.

With his net worth of $425 million, Gibson undoubtedly exerted immense hard work to earn all his fortune. Especially all the luxury vehicles in his garage that most of us can only dream of getting our hands-on.

Among all his cars, he often drives around with all types of vehicles, including a 2008 Range Rover Sports HSE. This SUV is known for its extraordinary power and capacity that can handle terrains well because of its 300 brake horsepower, made possible by its DOHC engine with indirect injection. Just like this Mel Gibson, this vehicle is undoubtedly up for anything.



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