Check Out Your Favorite Celebrities Awesome Cars!

Al Pacino – Price unknown, Lexus GX 470

Al Pacino is a legend in Hollywood. When it comes to getting the names of great actors in the US, Al’s name will surely be part of the list.

Aside from being a popular actor, he is also known as a great director and film producer. No wonder that with his luxurious lifestyle, he has an estimated net worth of $185 million. He can afford luxurious vehicles in the market, including one from the Lexus line.

One of his beloved cars is Lexus GX 470 that comes in color black. Its fine and delicate layout also brings impression into its elegance and style, which adds to the Godfather actor’s masculinity and appeal. This is not the only vehicle mostly seen being driven by the actor, as he is also known to be a fan of SUVs and sedans.

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