Iconic Celebrities From The Golden Age That Still Alive – For Them Age Really Is Just A Number

Richard Dean Anderson – 1950

Richard Dean Anderson played the title character of Angus MacGyver on a US TV show, and fans still remember him as the dashing character. The show became such a rage that it lasted for no less than seven long years! MacGyver became so successful that he gained a loyal following which lasts until this day.

Once MacGyver rounded off, he appeared in several movies, such as the Eyes of a Killer, Pandora’s Clock, and Firehouse. He acted in several other shows, such as Stargate SG-1 for a decade and Stargate: Continuum, a spin-off movie that came after the penultimate Stargate SG-1 episode in 2007. He also made his presence felt in Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate: Universe.

Anderson leads a peaceful retired life dividing his time between Vancouver, British Columbia, Los Angeles, and Minnesota. We say he has retired because the last time we saw him on screen was way back in 2013. We, for once, would still want to see the popular eighties legend scorch our screens one more time.

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