These Stars Are Living Their Best Lives Thanks to Their Talents!

Celine Dion – Est. $630 Million

The immensely talented Celine Dion has gifted the globe with an array of hit songs that are timeless and precious. She has thrilled countless fans and has grown to be an icon. Celine Dion’s story is fascinating!

She signed her first recording contract when she was just 12 years old! And of course, her manager was none other than her late husband and the only love of her life – René. René’s faith in Dion’s potential was so strong that he mortgaged his own house to finance her first album, and thank goodness that Dion was as talented as she was!

Rene and Dion wed in 1994 and renewed their vows in 2000. By the time she was 18, she had nine albums under her belt! With an incredible story like hers, it comes as no shock that she has a whopping $630 million in the kitty! Her earnings sure are handsome!

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