Iconic Celebrities From The Golden Age That Still Alive – For Them Age Really Is Just A Number

Richard Keith — 1950

It’s been almost six decades since Keith Thibodeaux won America’s hearts portraying the role of Little Ricky on I Love Lucy. Thibodeaux is now in his sixties and is one of the last surviving cast members of the show. While it is disheartening for the star to lose his co-actors, he says he considers the opportunity to be part of the cult classic his luck.

Thibodeaux is also grateful that it has been memorable for many people. People of different generations came to appreciate it, including the humor and the silliness.

Thibodeaux is also a musician, a drummer who still loves to play the drums. He ditched acting and joined his wife Kathy, a professional ballet dancer, becoming the executive director of Ballet Magnificat! He has retired from acting. However, he still enjoys the accolades that come his way for the show I Love Lucy. Well, all we can say is he deserves all the praise that comes his way.

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