These Wild Images Will Leave You Questioning Your Vision

Works Better When Opened

This man surely has an unusual yet stylish approach to using his umbrella. Rather than opening it to protect himself from the rain, he holds it closed on his head like a fashionable hat. The sight of the umbrella perched on top of his head like that is fascinating and draws smiles from those who see it.

Regardless of the weather, whether it’s sunny or pouring, he seems not to be feeling the rain pouring on him. We wonder if he has so much on his mind that he doesn’t remember how to use it. Or perhaps he’s onto something, and his approach is not entirely wrong.


To protect their bikes, cyclists must choose a secure lock and store them in a safe location. Even if a lock has been chosen correctly, a determined thief can still steal a bike if it is stored in a dangerous position. Therefore, it is essential to remain conscious of the bike’s security and take measures to prevent theft.

A high-quality lock combined with other security measures may be for nothing in some cases, like this one. We wonder what this person was thinking when they assumed the bike was secure locked on such a short pole. They’ve definitely got to do better.

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