World’s Greatest Football Players’ Net Worth revealed – See Who Has The Biggest Bank Account

Lionel Messi — $218 Million

The legend needs no introduction. Watching him play is a treat for the eyes. He mesmerizes fans on the field, playing for FC Barcelona and the Argentina national team. Leo Messi is the first player in football history to have grabbed four Ballon d’Or at just a meager age of 22. As per 2016 records, he had amassed $48 million as his salary and $28 million as his endorsements fees from reputed brands the world over. His contract with FC Barcelona is until 2021, and it can be estimated that he will rake in $645,000 each week — not to forget his endorsements and numerous sponsorships that can catapult him to the list of sports billionaires. He is going great gums despite many an injury and tax evasion controversies for which he had to hire not just one attorney, but multiple tax lawyers. In his kitty, he has a Ferrari and a Toyota Prius among a whole range. Leo is expected to build up a house worth 7 million euros! Massive!

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