World’s Greatest Football Players’ Net Worth revealed – See Who Has The Biggest Bank Account

Cristiano Ronaldo — $230 Million

The following four-year contract with Real Madrid will earn Cristiano Ronaldo a net $50 million. And a contract with Nike will make him rake in $1 billion. 2016 saw him earning $94 million, out of which his endorsements fees were at around $35 million, and his salaries amounted to $58 million. Phew! His own CR7 brand sells out jeans, perfumes, shoes, and a lot more. He even owns a chain of hotels. For each Instagram post, he earns $360,000 and has a massive and unmatched number of followers on social media. He has a seven-bedroom residence in Madrid which is worth $6.5 million. There are three Ferraris, a Bugatti, and many more in his garage. Apart from being such a hugely celebrated footballer, he has made profitable investments as well, and sometimes in surgeries. Oce a goofy kid, Ronaldo has transformed into a preening soccer star, thanks to cosmetic surgery. That’s Cristiano Ronaldo for you!

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