World’s Greatest Football Players’ Net Worth revealed – See Who Has The Biggest Bank Account

Frank Lampard — $90 Million

The winner of the FWA Footballer of the Year Award, Frank ended up being the runner-up in Ballon d’Or and FIFA World of the Player in 2005.  The English footballer played for Chelsea over a long period of 13 years before moving on to another EPL side, Manchester City. He had the distinction of being the top goal-getter in Chelsea’s history and is regarded as one of the top-notch midfielders in his time. He cashes in $12 million as his salary and earns an additional $4 million from all his endorsements. He owns a line of houses, mansions, and apartments in England. Lampard’s fleet of cars includes an Audi, a Ferrari Italia, and an F12 Berlinetta. His retirement life is surely going to be a luxurious one.

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