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Nancy Sinatra – Price unknown, 1957 Thunderbird

Nancy Sinatra is the daughter of the world-famous singer, Frank Sinatra. Same with her father, almost everyone who admires and follows the singer-actress can take notice of the luxurious way of living she has. Frank gave a precious gift to her daughter when she was 17, and this is a 1957 thunderbird which Nancy treasures.

This vehicle is mostly being seen by fans all throughout her career as she uses it wherever she goes. She had her Thunderbird during tapings, and even on the performances and TV appearances, she had during her career.

Her 1957 Thunderbird is featured with customized mag wheels, McCulloch supercharger, and high-end traction bars which add into its extraordinary performance on the road. With its wonderful specifications, her vehicle stayed with Nancy for two long decades until it was eventually sold to a private car collector.

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